Make math a story to share ... in english, en français, y en español


1. Something odd
2. Who's the Big Bad Wolf?
3. To infinity & beyond
4. Add it up!
5. Smart multiplication
6. Smart division

7. Colourful patterns
8. Making 10 - stage 1
9. Making 10 - stage 2
10. Math trains
11. Math waves
12. Scary patio patterns

13. Big party, small party
14. Wolf gets hurt
15. Do parallel lines meet?
16. Mirror, mirror
17. How big is a billion?
18. Elephants' big ears

19. Tortoise & hare rematch
20. How left-handed are you?


Cool features!

  • In English, French, and Spanish - learn math + learn a language
  • Scratch coding extensions
  • Core curriculum areas
  • Lesson plans


In your classroom

Make math a good story

  • Invite students to read parts of the story or for certain characters - choral readings are fun
  • Follow lesson plan to pause at key places
  • Have students explore ideas hands-on

Differentiated instruction

  • Math stories use easily understood representations to engage children, and offer opportunities to explore more complex relationships
  • Stories making learning memorable
  • Use in a learning centre with activity prompts

Home connection

  • Math stories motivate children to share their learning with family & friends
  • Ask parents for feedback about what was shared



Join earthlings Pix & Vix in their Math + Coding adventures with Martians Zork & Gork.

Two cool stories (so far):

  1. Squares with Scratch
  2. Squares with Python

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